Case studies/ShopGoodwill


Inspired by the Decades

ShopGoodwill is the first e-commerce auction site created, owned, and operated by a non-profit organization—Goodwill of Orange County. They partner with more than 130 Goodwill organizations to offer an online platform where Sellers from individual stores can auction unique items to a wider audience. ShopGoodwill chose to work with The Buddy Group to strategically develop a marketing campaign that would help highlight these Sellers and drive more traffic to their products, while paying tribute to the deep history and mission of Goodwill.


Marketing Campaign

Campaign strategy and tactics
Landing page design
Social and paid media asset development
Growth strategy development

Authenticity & Relatability

The Buddy Group, in partnership with the team at ShopGoodwill, set out to develop a marketing strategy that would engage current Sellers and connect new customers to the Goodwill mission by allowing them to be inspired and shop by the distinct decades from the 1920s to the 2000s.

Success Story

Alongside an email marketing campaign, Inspired by the Decades reinvigorated sellers with a new way to market their items, inspiring a slough of new and returning shoppers to purchase items. The campaign continues to inspire more through the holidays and into 2023.

Through this lens of storytelling, we inspired sellers to re-engage with their audiences and relate to them through the stories and memories that nostalgic items create for so many. To complement this re-engagement, we inspired sellers and shoppers alike to share heartwarming stories about how a single item had a huge impact in their own lives.