Case studies/ExtraHop


Threat Hunters Video Game

To prepare for the RSA conference, ExtraHop reached out to The Buddy Group to conceive, design, and develop a show-stopping iPad game to draw attention to their booth. The game focuses on the authentic and overwhelming experiences of companies when they are under attack by various cyberthreats who’ve infiltrated their network. As you play, you instantly relate to how impossible it can be to manage these threats without the might of ExtraHop.


Brand Activation, B2B

Game & Story Development

Game concept, narrative, story development, game mechanics, branding and logo design, level design, character design, visual effects design, development, play testing, and QA.

Authenticity & Relatability

The Buddy Group showcased the existing ExtraHop Threat characters in a way that made it relatable for the target audience. Players engaged in an authentic gameplay narrative that communicated what’s at stake for modern organizations and how the ExtraHop brand meets its customers’ needs by serving as thought leaders in the cyber security space.

Success Story

ExtraHop reaped the benefits of a highly successful RSA and utilized the Threat Hunter game to compel more people to their booth and command their attention for longer, essentially making the players part of the greater ExtraHop narrative. The immersive experience was hailed as one of the most unique attractions at the conference, widely enjoyed by all who played. Strategically, the game was a win-win for both ExtraHop and its audience.