Celebrate Creativity & Self Expression!

One of the most transformative partnerships, we’ve taken Pentel of America on an adventure and in return, it has given us over 12 years of inspiration and creative appreciation. Pentel experienced great success in its retail distribution and yet held very low brand awareness. Reappointing the Pentel brand with values and we imbued the brand with a vision for artists and creators that inspired engagement and long lasting relationships with consumers. In doing so, we enabled Pentel to be more than a pen company. We then activated the Pentel community — a creative collective comprised of artists who shared their work, their creative challenges, their inspiration and who engaged in periodic competitions and promotions, Instagram takeovers and pop campaigns.



Storydriven social media strategy
Content creation
Growth strategy development


Increase brand awareness and preference
Identify and draw Pentel closer to its target audience: ultimately creatives

  • NPS growth
  • Increased brand recognition and preference
  • Deeper engagement with newly identified core audience
  • Resonant internal brand