It All Starts Here

Rural Sourcing came to us with a need to rebrand and create clear, aligned messaging that is relatable and authentic to them, as well as the customers they serve. As an evolving company, their name and brand no longer fully represented their identity as product engineers and developers who drive projects, rather than merely delivering them. By collaborating with The Buddy Group for their new journey, Sparq now not only has an elevated identity, but represents the place where community growth, initiative and opportunity, and ideas that generate momentum, begin, because “it all starts here”.




Corporate style guide,
Rebranded internal materials and social assets,
Website redesign and content,
Photography recommendations,
Campaign strategy and concepts,
Brand anthem video

Authenticity & Relatability

Using our Storydriven Strategy process, The Buddy Group conducted audience and market research to lead Rural Sourcing toward a more authentic and relatable story. We then developed a new visual identity with a revitalized company narrative in mind focusing on their culture of ingenuity and innovation.

Success Story

The new brand centers on referencing a rich history, while looking forward to the future of collaboration and innovation. Sparq has become the rallying point. It embodied the idea, “it all starts here” which has become the brand tagline because a spark is at the beginning of every idea, of every relationship, and every movement.

With the new name, new ideas and new visuals the brand has been well received by customer and employees alike.